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Training Development and Instructional Design Services

  • BISU, an award-winning consulting company featured in national and international publications, provides the finest instructional design and training expertise in the consulting industry.

    Effective training materials allow your users to quickly and accurately understand your product and its complex features and can be adapted to suit the needs of users from every level of your enterprise. More users are productive in less time resulting in significant cost savings.

    Essential Data is adept at all forms of training development and instructional design from instructor-led classroom training, to full-blown on-line e-learning systems, to a comprehensive blended approach. We will assess your curriculum requirements and strategic goals and develop the right solution to suit your needs.

    Whether you need one instructional designer, or an entire team or course-ware developers, Bisu provides the highest quality, most cost-effective training solutions in the industry. With our experience, we are ready to respond quickly to your training development needs with experienced, local resources.

    Our training development specialties include:

    Instructional Design

    Comprehensive solutions developed using the ADDIE model: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.

    Courseware Development

    Designed and customized to your specifications (by modules, work-flows, audience levels, etc)
    Mirrors your user guides, procedures and methodologies
    Easy to maintain and update
    Can incorporate an on-line help tool

    Training Products and Materials

    Course Syllabus
    Instructors Guides (including scripts and demonstration media)
    Participants Guide (including workbooks and exercise packets)
    Tests and Evaluations
    Orientation Guides

    Comprehensive Delivery Methods

    Computer Based Training
    Web Based Training
    Distance Learning
    Virtual Classrooms
    Traditional Paper-based Training Materials
    Stand-Up, On-Site Training Instruction

    Train the Trainer

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